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(UPDATE: August 1, 2018)
By: Ezra Levant

Tommy Robinson wins his appeal! Tommy is coming home today! 

(UPDATE: June 22, 2018)
by Ezra Levant

I have a small update on Tommy Robinson’s case:

On Friday, June 22. I received an e-mail from John Carson, the new lawyer retained by Tommy to fight for his freedom.

Mr. Carson obviously is a professional, and is careful about what he says to the public. His goal is to do the best work possible for Tommy in the court of law, not the court of public opinion. So he is properly tight-lipped about his exact strategy. But I asked him for a statement that I could pass on to Tommy’s supporters around the world, and he sent me this:

“We can confirm that those representing Stephen Lennon have lodged an appeal against sentence, together with an application for bail pending appeal. We are working towards a court hearing at the earliest possible date, and hope for a listing imminently."

What does all that mean?

Well, first of all, Stephen Lennon is Tommy’s legal name — just in case you were confused. Mr. Carson is part of a larger legal team working for Tommy.

They have lodged an appeal against the sentence. That means: they are challenging the judge’s 13-month prison term.

The second part of Mr. Carson’s note indicates that he is asking for bail for Tommy, until the appeal is heard.

One of the craziest parts of this whole thing was that Tommy went from being scooped up on the street by seven cops, to prison, in a matter of a few hours. That’s absurd — he didn’t even have time to properly instruct a lawyer of his own choosing. Getting Tommy out on bail will not only allow him to visit his family and friends, but it will allow him to have proper meetings with his lawyers.

And the third point is self-explanatory — they’re looking to have this hearing as soon as possible in the court’s schedule.

So, in short:

The appeal has been lodged. It’s an appeal of the sentence. It’s an application for bail. And it’s a request to have the hearing as soon as possible.

When Tommy’s lawyers feel it is appropriate to tell more, they will — and I’ll be sure to let you know. But I agree with their decision: their public communications in the media must not interfere at all with Tommy’s chances in court.

But the message here is clear: Finally, a month after Tommy was jailed, he’s finally fighting back.

By: Ezra Levant

Tommy Robinson is fighting back. And it’s time for us to help him.

After private conversations with his family, I’m delighted to announce a way that we can all help, that has been authorized and approved by Tommy, and his family, including Tommy's wife and his mother.

Tommy has switched lawyers. He now has a top law firm that is filing an appeal.

They are giving Tommy the world-class representation that he needs.

Finally, someone is addressing everything from Tommy’s treatment in prison, to the hasty manner in which Tommy was tried and convicted, and of course the shocking 13-month sentence.

With the approval and authorization of the family, I have undertaken to cover all of the fees of Tommy’s new legal team. 

I want to maintain the confidentiality of my conversations with the family, but I will tell you how the crowdfunded money will be handled, as agreed to by the family. 100% of all proceeds will be used to cover Tommy’s legal costs.

We anticipate this will be tens of thousands of pounds. But that’s fine — this is the most important legal case in the United Kingdom. I truly believe Tommy Robinson is a kind of political prisoner, and this case touches on freedom of the press, and the increasing police restrictions on ordinary Brits talking about public issues, like Muslim rape gangs and mass immigration.

If we raise more than is required to pay the legal fees, we will give 100% of the surplus to Tommy’s family.

In my view, this family fund is very important. 

* If Tommy is released, it can be used as a future legal defence fund for him. 

* If Tommy is not released, his family can use it to pay their bills while Tommy is in prison. 

* And — God forbid, I hate to even mention it, but it is a possibility — if something happens to Tommy while he’s in prison, or on another occasion, these funds can assure that Tommy’s family is taken care of in the future.

Tommy’s family will have complete access to the financial accounts. All surplus funds will be transferred to Tommy’s wife and she will have complete discretion over them.

Today is the day we fight back, in a manner that Tommy and his family have approved.

There are other things we can all do — and I salute everyone else who has been doing important things, like rallying, both in the UK and around the world, and even just speaking in social media.

This crowdfunding project is our speciality at The Rebel, and we’ve done it before for Tommy, when he worked with us.

Let’s do it for Tommy again — and for his family.

Please make a contribution in pounds by clicking below. 

You can contribute in dollars by clicking here. 

If you prefer to send a cheque by snail mail, please write “Tommy” in the memo line and make it payable to "The Rebel" and send it to:

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