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Tommy Robinson appeal UPDATE: New date & judges — and Tommy wants me there to report

By: Ezra Levant
August 1, 2018 

UPDATE: Tommy Robinson wins his appeal! Tommy is coming home today! 

July 27, 2018

The appeal court judges who heard Tommy's case say they will finally be issuing their verdict. They say they will do so on Tuesday, July 31st or on Wednesday, August 1st.

I only found out this news this morning, and I immediately went online to buy my plane ticket.

I have to go back over there to report on the verdict, because I don’t trust a word that the mainstream media says about Tommy. 

The media told bald-faced lies about his appeal hearing. The Guardian lied, Channel 4 lied, the BBC lied — and they’ll lie this time. I want to be there to report accurately on the verdict.

Since the judges aren’t specific about what day they will be issuing their verdict, I have to fly in by Monday night, in case they go on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately buying a last-minute economy class ticket even on Expedia is just over £1,000.

I spoke to a hotel I used last time and they offered me a 15% discount, but that’s still expensive, and I’ll need it for three nights — because I don’t know if the judges are going to wait until Wednesday. 

If you can help cover my flight and hotel, I’d be grateful. Please click below and make a donation now. 

This is obviously separate from Tommy's legal defence fund, 100% of which goes to his lawyers, and any surplus goes to his family. 

July 12, 2018

I have incredible news from Tommy Robinson’s family, and I have been asked to share it with you.

First, as you know, the government had delayed the court date for Tommy’s appeal from July 10 to July 24, making him rot in solitary confinement for two more weeks. Well, that date has moved again, but it is now sooner:

Tommy Robinson’s appeal will now be heard on July 18. 

Second, there is a new judge.

The first judge appointed was Lord Justice Brian Leveson, the head of all criminal justice in the United Kingdom.

But now there are a panel of three judges, presided over by Sir Ian Burnett, the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.

It would be as if, in the US, the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States were personally hearing the case.

Third piece of news:

Tommy has asked me to personally come to London to attend at court. 

He doesn’t trust the mainstream media to report fairly on his case. And I agree.

I have just bought my plane tickets and a hotel on Expedia. I’m travelling economically, but because I’m booking with less than a week’s notice, I’m afraid the cost is $2,500 Canadian, or about £1,400.

I need to crowdfund that. Please donate below to help me recover the cost of this trip. 

You can also donate in Canadian dollars by clicking here. 

I promise that if you help me get over there, I’ll give you constant reports, by video, Twitter and e-mail — I’ll probably do ten videos, so I’ll try to give you your money’s worth! 

You can also contribute by cheque. Please make cheques payable to The Rebel and send to:

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